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Brenden Lieb

How many years riding? 6

What’s your age? 15

What are some of
your likes?
I like snowboarding, 
wakeboarding, surfing, 
skateboarding, and mountain biking. 

Describe yourself: I like to go out and hang with my friends. Hanging at the mountain and the lake is what I like to do in my spare time. I'm pretty laid back especially when I'm riding because you can't be tense or you're not going to land anything. I am also addicted to junk food, so if you want me to like you buy me something with sugar.

What is your riding style?
Freestyle all the way and of course slashin' some fresh pow isn't bad either.

What’s your
favorite aspect of snowboarding?

Waking up in the morning and hearing the snow report say it just dumped 20 inches.

Do you have a
favorite animal?

My dog Axo.

Do you have
any goals for snowboarding?

I want to be able to land corked 7's by the end of this season and be able to land 9's.

Any last words?
Go for it, just don't go in thinking you're gonna get hurt because then you won't progress.