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Nico Inzerella

What are some of your likes? art, sleep, sushi, Teddy Bears, Beer, and Hugs.

art history (the only class in college I EARNED a straight up F), Egos, Snobby Girls, The Royal, Canned Peas and Bank Statements.

How many years have you been riding: 7 (I use to ski).

Age? N/A

Do you have any influences when you ride? Craig, Terje, Big Mountain Jeremy Jones, Temple, Gi Gi, Jamie Lynn, Lando, and Victoria (wow)!

Describe a little about your-self/riding style? lazy, point it.

What’s your favorite aspect of Snowboarding? pow, steeps, pillows, drops...boxes are funner.

Do you have a favorite reality show? golden girls.

Do you have a favorite animal? duck or Seahawk.

Where do you want to go with snowboarding and your life? "The snow is just for fun".

Why snowboarding? Ski boots hurt my feet and it’s cheaper than skiing. I do love skiing still.

Do you own a pet? Yes, a cat.

Why that animal? What?!, that’s a stupid question?... no really, because she is low maintenance.