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Jeremy Dubs

What are some of your likes? Dry fluffy, puffy, sticky, icky, pow pow, polvo, filet, chronic snow!!!! The Zen of Filming, beanies, pizza, video editing, hip hop/reggae/dub, travel, the Andes Mountains, sunsets in Farellones, Chile.

Dislikes? Too many snowboard videos these days, not enough thought and creativity involved!

Years riding: 12

What is your age? 24 on the 30th of Dec.

Describe a little about your-self/riding style: pow slash, crazy pillow lines, chutes, drops to tranny, dodging trees, hopping rocks, hand plants, wall rides, butters, new places, test my fear level by pushing my own abilities, teaching others how to get shots, camera on my back droppin stuff like I don’t give a f***K.

What’s your favorite aspect of Snowboarding? "Self-filmin".

Do you have a favorite reality show? Yes, Funner Filete Chile episodes; 17 hours of tapes I filmed of our trip this past summer, 85% dramatic real world style.

What’s your favorite animal? Donkey.... Oh animal, dogs and cats are my friends, I want to fly like an eagle, swim like a killer whale and run like a cheetah.

Can you think of the ideal riding location/weather? Yes, Baker deeeeeps, under the Chilean sunset.

Where do you want to go with snowboarding and your life? Keep living the snow life, make movies and art, keep on keeping on without getting a real job. I'm working for myself building my empire from the ground up.

Why snowboarding? Friends, exercise, lovin life, turn and burns, pow turns.

Do you own a pet? My roommates Nico and Tarek both have black cats, one is fat and retarded, the other is skinny and smokes crack.

Any last Words? Check out my movies, like "Funner," "Mountain Fresh," & "Funner Filete: From Baker to Chile" they are sweet. Buy 'em if you can spare some change for this snow bum to buy some dinner!