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Justin Rister

Current Location: Portland, Oregon and LA County, California.

Stance: 23 3/4 wide.

Board: Axum 153 rails and pipe, and Hatchet 156 for pow and park.

Bindings: Straight Shots with custom straps.

Boots: The Deeds or Tremor Boas.

Preference: Street rails all the way!

Likes: Surfing, movies, skating, the gym, hangin wit da homies.

Dislikes: vegetables, gapers, rain (on the hill), lift tickets, hypocrites, emo kids, tight pants!!!!!

Years riding: 7 seasons.

Age (if you want): I've been a waste of air for 20 years.

Describe a little about your-self/riding style: I hate emo people and especially this trend in snowboarding... so I wear stuff as baggy as I can get it... XXL! So in conclusion, my "riding style" would def. have to be gangsta!

What’s your Favorite aspect of Snowboarding? The work side...I get more stoked than anything when it feels like work. This way I constantly feel like I've accomplished something in my life. Screw fun! Too many people say how fun snowboarding is... and don't get me is! But there's way to many kids who take being sponsored for granted and don't apply themselves at all and it really pisses me off!

Do you have a favorite reality show? Yes, my girl on Laguna...Mizz LC... I love you! See ya this summer!

What’s your favorite animal: My dog, a pit-bull/Jack Russell named Dax and he rocks!

What is the ideal riding location/weather for you? I love Salt Lake City more than life itself!!! So many rails and Brighton is amazing. The best weather to ride in would have to be one of those days when it dumps like 2 feet overnight and then is totally bluebird the next day!

Where do you want to go with snowboarding and your life? I want my riding to keep progressing and constantly up the ante on myself. In terms of life? I want to do this as long as possible, then live on the beach and surf the rest of my years away with a playboy bunny.... I think that would be nice.

Why snowboarding? Why not? It's far better than any sport out there! It gave me a huge creative outlet as a kid and got me away from all my problems. It was freedom.

Sponsors: Atomic Snowboards boots and bindings, Allyance Outerwear, Smith Optics, Drop, The Bastard Battalion, Exit Real World, OneBallJay Wax, Giro, US Snowboarding, Mt. Hood Meadows, RED BULL, and of course One Mountain!

Shout outs: My grandparents! I would not be here if it wasn't for you guys! Kelso/Longview... thanks for the motivation to get the hell out of there! All my sponsors, my team managers, my workout crew, Megan (thanks so much for it all! Your awesome!), Dean Barbier, Eddie Wall, Brett Butcher, and last but not least Peter Line.