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Sean McKillop

What are a few of your likes? Snow, Friends, Family, Sleep, Food, and Beer.

How about some of your dislikes? Global warming, George W. Bush, TV.

How many years have you been riding? 9.

Age (if you want)? 20.

Describe a little about your-self/riding style: I ride halfpipe worse than any grom.

What’s you favorite aspect of Snowboarding? Powder, and the friends I have met!

What’s your favorite reality show? I dislike them all!

Do you have a favorite animal? I kind of like penguins.

What is your idea of the ideal riding location and weather? Mt Baker, 22 degrees, foot of fresh, sunny, weekday.

What are some of your influences for snowboarding? Everyone I currently ride with as well as the whole IMPULSE crew back in the day at Stevens Pass.

Where do you want to go with snowboarding and your Life? I just want to have a lot of fun, progress, and see where it leads me.

Why snowboarding? It is unexplainable. I can be sitting on a beach in 90-degree weather, and I am still thinking about snowboarding. Nothing else has had such a huge impact on my life. It influences where I live to my whole entire outlook on life. Ever since my cousin gave me my first board and I started riding with my friend Paul, I have been hooked.

Any Last words? Thank you to my Mom and Dad for being so supportive.