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Hilary Mason

Age: 21

Hometown: Wenatchee.

Currently Living in: Bellingham.

Years Riding: 7 years.

What Mountain do you currently ride at?
Mt. Baker, WA.

How many years have you been Riding at Baker?

Did you move to Bellingham for Mt. Baker or to go to School?
Both, but mainly for Baker.

How would you describe your riding Style?
A Thunderstorm in a Tequila Sunrise.

What are your dislikes? Mean boys, cities and too much spicy dumplings.

What is your favorite terrain and conditions? Big Mountain in pow pow.

Do you have a favorite animal? My Mom’s Dog O’key.

What kind of dog is she? Britney spaniel Border Collie Mix.

Do you have a favorite T.V. Show? No, I don’t really watch TV, my life is much more interesting.

What are some of your influences for snowboarding? My friends, and most of the time just my own desire to ride.

Why Snowboarding? For happiness…why not. It’s calming and brings joy to my life.

What is important to your life? Friends, Family, Mother Nature and playing my djembe drum.

If you were stuck in the woods for seven days, what would be the first thing you did upon getting back to civilization? I return to the woods to take a nap in my hammock.