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Yancy Caldwell

OM: So you grew up riding in Sun Valley, Idaho right? And now you’re riding Tahoe during the winter. How did you wind up there?

Yancy: Yeah, born and raised in Sun Valley, Idaho and still consider it home base and one of the best places to shred in the world! But grew up and had to go to college and Tahoe was the next best neighbor.

OM: So how old does that make you now?

Yancy: Freshly crowned legal to consume alcholic beverages. 21

OM: You’ll be back in Tahoe again this winter, how many seasons at Tahoe does that make it for you and where are you riding most often?

Yancy: Winter 07 will be my third year exploring Tahoe. I mostly ride the North Lake resorts like Alpine Meadows, Squaw Valley, and FlatStar. But still have plenty of terrain in the Tahoe backcountry to discover. I also have a seasons pass to Mammoth and travel on the weekends!

OM: How does Tahoe Compare with your home mountain in Idaho?

Yancy: It doesn´t really compare! Huge crowds, Huge terrain parks, Huge halfpipes, Gangsters! None of which exist back in Idaho. I dig it though, good variety of terrain and consistantly good snow!

OM: What was it that originally drew you into the sport? How many years have you been riding?

Yancy: I was originally a ski racer until about 8th grade when I finally got a clue from my older brother, Wyatt, who had been killing it as a Burton grom. I strapped on his old Hooger Booger and have been shredding ever since!

OM: How did you first hear about One Mountain?

Yancy: My good buddy Mr. Jeremy Dubs.

OM: When was that?

Yancy: Winter 06 when I traveled up to Mt. Baker to shred and film with some friends.

OM: Over the years, what have been some of the major influences on your riding style? Do you have any heroes?

Yancy: A major influence was definetly riding with my brother and imatating his unique and smooth style. I never had a terrain park or halfpipe growing up so I think creativity on natural features is a must for riding style. Heroes? Maybe Steve Irwin if he could snowboard and wrestle crocs at the same time!

OM: How often are you competing each winter? What are some of the major events for you?

Yancy: I used to travel and compete every winter when I was younger. I went to the Grand Prix and US Open Halpipe events for a while, but never did very well because we only got a day or two of training before the event. Its fun entering small rail jam and slopestyle events in Tahoe like the PBRJ´s. I’d like to kick some ass in some bigger events though.

OM: Any last words?

Yancy: May all of your moutains be schat upon this winter!