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Drew Cyr

OM: Where did you grow up? Was there a mountain close by?

Drew: Born and raised in B’ham. Riding Baker the time. Skiing then snowboarding.

OM: How did that influence your life as far as snowboarding?

Drew: My dad worked at Baker until I was about 19 years old so he had me up there every weekend at least. He has taught me a lot about life and snowboarding. Mt. Baker is a great place to grow up.

OM: So How many years have you been doing this snowboarding thing?

Drew: 14 years

OM: Any plans for working with filmers or photographers for the coming season?

Drew: I plan on building a lot of jumps and snowmobiling as much as possible this season. Hopefully there will be an opportunity for capturing as much of that both on video and still photography.

OM: Are there people you regularly ride with at Baker? Who?

Drew: Yeah, Tarek ‘Offtheheezerold,’ Swany, ‘Twin Cobra,’ Brad Andrew.

OM: How have they influenced your riding or your riding style?

Drew: The homies are always good for a second opinion, pushing the limits, and bouncing ideas off of. Riding with friends is so much fun because you are able to watch and learn as well as watch each other’s backs.

OM: Any last words?

Drew: I would like to thank Hidden Wave Boardshop for being the best board shop around.