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Connor Leib

Age: 14

Hometown: Bellingham.

Currently Living in: Bellingham.

Years Skating: 5 years.

How would you describe your skating style?
Rails and busting up the park or rolling the snake run in and out. I am mostly a street skater unless I can get out to the park. I am not really into big vert. I like to do things that involve catching air and having
motive for doing it…while having fun.

What do you like to do besides skate?
Snowboarding, swimming, hanging out, and having fun.

What's your favorite aspect of Skateboarding?
The sketchyness of looking down an eight foot drop and feeling the blood rush.

Do you have any goals for your skating?
To invent and conquer new and more advanced tricks that are sick.

Do you have a favorite animal? Yeah, my neighbor's dog cocoa.

Any last words?
What you see is what you live it up.